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The Fargo Air Museum's mission is to provide aviation education through restoration and preservation.

Events for Everyone!

The Fargo Air Museum offers a kaleidoscope of tours for all age groups that incorporate aviation and military history, general principles of flight, regional aviation history, and more!

Preserving the Past

The museum showcases historic non-flying aircraft and engine exhibits. An EAA 317 Wright flyer replica, Pitts Special, ME 109, Huey helicopter, Iskra Jet, DC-3 and other historic aircraft. Aviation and military exhibits range from the North Dakota Wall of Aces, Carl Ben Eielson, Charles Lindbergh, the Golden Era, air racing, Tuskegee Airman and more.

Our Planes Fly!

The majority of our planes fly ranging from the new L-39 Jet, P- 51 Mustang, PT 19 Fairchild, TBM Avenger, F4U Corsair, L 2 and L-19 Bird Dog! And, many times we have guest flying aircraft on exhibit throughout the year. We get excited about oil pans underneath our planes and the startup of our engines on the ramp!