Boxes – The Secret Life of Howard Hughes

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Eva McLelland was good at keeping secrets, and she had a big one. Sworn to secrecy for thirty-one years until the death of her husband, Eva was at last able to come forward and share a story that turns twentieth century history on its head and fills in puzzling blanks in the mysterious life of the tycoon Howard Hughes.

After seven years of research and verification, Eva’s story produces the final pieces in the mysterious puzzle that was Howard Hughes.

Major General Mark Musick presents a true story told like no other. Come hear
the real story behind the richest man in America, Howard Hughes.


By Major General (ret.) Mark Musick, Researcher
Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 11:00 am
Fargo Air Museum
1609 19th Ave. North Fargo, ND

Members free
Adults $8
Children $5
Students and Seniors $7